Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm doing a tone of tiling! This will eventually be the bathroom floor. I have cut a real life vinyl tile to represent 6" x 6" tiles. Grouting follows!
Laying the tiles has been a long, slow process as I am bevelling them as I go! I think I'm having fun now!!

Right side of attic will be the housekeepers bedroom area.
The left side shown below will be her living quarters.

The left side of the attic with flooring in and wallpapering done.
Wainscott panelling still to be done.

The bare attic!

The windows - kit-bashed and painted. A piece of copper will be added to the top when they are finally put in place.
These sash windows will be used on 2 sides of the house - 5 each side.
The front windows are yet to be made as I want casements there - they will be scratch built.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Internal Doors

The internal doors have been teaked ready to go in.

Some close-ups of the peeling paint!!

The "peeling" paint was achieved by applying rubber cement on to the first coat of paint at random intervals. The second coat of paint is applied over the whole surface, including the cement and once dry, the cement is then rubbed off with an eraser until the desired effect is achieved.


I am happy that the house had two different colour layers as it has made the final coats of paintwork very satisfying to do. As you can see, it is now a rich butterscotch sauce colour - but because Indy inherited the house from his elderly aunt, the paintwork is somewhat worn. And let's face it, Indy certainly doesn't have time to fix paintwork, or be bothered having it fixed for him. He is far too busy adventuring! Consequently the peeling paint!


The first coat of paint the house ever got was a dark sky blue: then about 6 years ago it went cream - and I still didn't have any idea what I was going to do with it And so it was back to the waiting game!!

The story behind Indy's House:

This poor dolls house has been sitting in limbo (read as: a corner of the workshop) for the last 15 years. Why you may ask? Well, I just couldn't come to terms with a pretty "Painted Lady" and so it was ignored - gathering dust and generally getting the the way. Then about a month ago, Jessica (daughter of 19 years standing) asked when I was going to do something with it. So I began thinking of things I could possibly do - and all of a sudden it hit me (read as: I had an epiphany!) - INDIANNA JONES' HOUSE - and so it was and I am definitely on a roll now.