Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The story behind Indy's House:

This poor dolls house has been sitting in limbo (read as: a corner of the workshop) for the last 15 years. Why you may ask? Well, I just couldn't come to terms with a pretty "Painted Lady" and so it was ignored - gathering dust and generally getting the the way. Then about a month ago, Jessica (daughter of 19 years standing) asked when I was going to do something with it. So I began thinking of things I could possibly do - and all of a sudden it hit me (read as: I had an epiphany!) - INDIANNA JONES' HOUSE - and so it was and I am definitely on a roll now.


  1. Wow - this is going to be a fun project. I will be following your process with great interest.

  2. I like to see how you gone change this beautiful house!
    I've got the same house as you.....i love the model of it.
    It's really my dreamhouse.
    I'm going to follow you and you work at this house;-)